Welcome to the AQ32 (a.k.a. Baloo) Firmware Builder.
This tool compiles the source code directly from github using a remote server.
Quad Y4
Hex X
Hex +
Hex Y6
Flight Configuration

Enable MAX7456 OSD

    Show artificial horizon
    Enable RSSI display (receive signal strength indicator)
    Detect video standard (only detected at boot atm.)
    Default to PAL video
    Use US units on display (feet,miles,mph)
    Enable menu on OSD

   XYZ camera stabilization

  GPS Data (for OSD, telemetry)
      EXPERIMENTAL GPS Navigator (waypoints, return home, etc..)

Miscellaneous Settings

Use 400Hz PWM towards ESCS (not all speed controllers can handle this)
Serial LCD menu on Serial2 TX2 - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OSD

Serial baud rate override (only kh4 master branch)

Traditional Receiver (one signal wire per channel)
PPM Receiver (one signal wire for all channels)
  Channel Order
Graupner/Spektrum/Some Hitec/Sanwa/Others
Invert yaw direction
EXPERIMENTAL Automatic landing using TX switch

  Magnetic heading hold (uses mag instead of gyro)
  Barometric altitude hold
  Ranger Finder altitude hold

  Battery Monitor
       Fixup resistor error on some baloo boards (R1=5k6)
       Automatic descent on low battery (slowly caps throttle)
    Custom Config:

     Use SERIAL3 instead of USB (for xbee/bluetooth etc)

     Mavlink (systemmid=100)         Original AQ

  AQ FPV/FSK Modem
     Output BINARY on SERIALTX2 (1200bps, serial2 -> AQ modem)
     Output AUDIO on speaker pin (SPRK pin -> VTX Mic input)
            Audio Baud Rate: 1200bps (FSKv1) 2400bps (FSKv2)


AeroQuad github dev. head EXPERIMENTAL: kh4 master